Temporary Anchorage Device (TAD)

A temporary anchorage device (TAD) is small titanium devices that is temporarily used as orthodontic anchorage. It helps in certain orthodontic cases to achieve quicker and more desirable tooth movement. Subsequently TAD will be removed after use.

TADs may be used in addition to braces or Invisalign, so that orthodontists are able to provide simple non-surgical solution to challenging orthodontic cases.

Usages for TADs

Some of the reasons orthodontists may utilize TADs include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Molar uprighting
  • Intrusion of super-erupted teeth
  • Elimination of the need for headgear or other orthodontic appliances
  • Avoidance of future surgery
  • Reduction of treatment time
  • How can I keep my TAD clean?

    You may feel some discomfort within the first 24 hours. Tylenol® is recommended to help relieve your pain. If you continue to experience discomfort days after your treatment, please contact us as soon as possible.

    How can I keep my TAD clean?

    Rinse with a anti-bacterial mouthwash, e.g. chlorhexidine, twice a day for the first five days. TAD can be cleaned the same way you clean your braces: by brushing your teeth at least three times a day.

    What If the TAD Comes Loose?

    Occasionally, a TAD may become slightly loose. Normally, it is fine. In the case the TAD is excessively loose or it’s causing you discomfort, call up our office to make an appointment. Doctor would like to check it.