Patients Reviews

Addison Barbuto

I love this orthodontist! So far they have completely transformed my gross smile into a beautiful one in almost 2 years. I am supposed to be getting the braces off fairly soon and am so excited to see my pretty grin in action. Additionally, the staff there including Dr. Ding are so friendly, and they take their time to give you a perfectly aligned smile! May i also add, i am so happy I am greated by my first name almost every time i sit in the chairs.

Susan Conroy-Kazmouski

So happy with Align Orthodontics and the treatment they gave my son! The way they transformed his smile was amazing, and we could not be more happy with the outcome! The whole staff was great, always friendly, and always greeted us with a smile. I had given them a fantastic review last month, but for some reason, it has since disappeared!? I would also like to add that my daughter is also undergoing treatment for a multitude of problems, and so far she has had incredible results! They really take their time to calm nerves and makes sure that you leave with a smile! I highly recommend them!

Meghan rice

The staff here is so friendly, every time I go in I am greeted by name immediately with a smile! They do a phenomenal job, I'm actually going to miss going there (which is really saying something because I hate getting dental work done!!)

Makayla Rucker

They did an amazing job on my teeth, couldn't be happier. They took they're time to make sure everything was looking nice and straight definitely recommend!

Soha Hegazy

Best orthodontist ever! Dr.yong did an awesome job on transforming my daughter's smile :) Really thankful to her and to Rose the lovely office manager and her very warm staff too! Thank you all :)

Arthur S.

Speaking for my own experience, this is as good as it gets. I was not a regular patient of Dr. Ding, but I did go to her to have a lingual retainer wire repaired after my original orthodontist refused to attempt it. Being that it has been almost ten years since my orthodontic treatment was completed, I'm now at the point where keeping the teeth from migrating is the major concern. The staff here were friendly and polite, they took excellent care of me, and better still, the repair was done quickly and well. She used a technique I had not seen before involving floss to hold the wire against the lingual surface, which reduces the overall profile of the bonded retainer and minimizes slack in the wire. The first repair was done a year ago, and it's still in perfect condition! She recommended that I wear an essix retainer to protect it, which I have been doing, but I've never had a bonded retainer last this long without any signs of wear, and I call that impressive.

Pamela D.

I was referred to Dr. Ding to help solve a challenging case secondary to a failed implant. Dr. Ding was able to solve my complicated dental problem with a high degree of competence and no pain. Dr. Ding and her staff are very efficient, professional, and friendly. I would recommend Align Orthodontics without any reservations.

Scarlett W.

Dr. Ding is very patient and professional. I've had braces before, however the first place I went to didn't do a good job and after two years, I found Dr. Ding. Yesterday I finally got done with my braces (the second time in my life) and I'm so satisfied with the outcome!! They did a nice job and I love my smile now! I am so grateful for her work and yes I would definitely recommend anyone who's looking for perfect and straight teeth to Align Orthodontist! They are the best!!!!

Peng L.

I went to this place because my dentist recommended me it. I wanted good teeth and I have crowding next to my two front teeth. But when I went in the assistants found that I had cross bites on my molars so it was a good thing I went. It's normally a place for children but since I'm in that weird age gap I went there and it was close to home so why not. The check in process is fast and the lady usually does it for me. My first time there the staff was super friendly and greeted with a big smile, a smile I wish for. I have been going there since July 2015 and every time they don't disappoint. I thought I would have the same assistant, Lisa but they decide to change it around. One time I forgot to make a next appointment and just left after my current appointment and one of them chased after me outside (thank god she did haha). Dr. Ding, the doctor who runs the whole place is super friendly to the kids and always treats them with respect and explains things so there's no confusion (the other staff does this as well). Last week my brother went in for an emergency because one of his wires was poking him so we went in without an appointment and the wait was only about 20-30 minutes, nothing too draining. It's a good place for your kids and even for an adult like me who is going there for my braces.