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Dr. Yong Ding DMD PhD Orthodontist

iTero Digital Scanner

We are constantly trying to be at the leading edge of digital technology.  That's why we chose iTero Digital Impression Scanner.  Say good-bye to strange material in your mouth, and to the weird taste!  iTero Element Scanner captures 3D digital image of both arches in minutes with a small probe.  The digital impression improves diagnosis and treatment planning, speeds up appliances lab work, improves appliance accuracy, and most importantly, reduces treatment times.  Besides, it makes re-fabrication of lost or broken appliances easier.

For Invisalign treatments, the digital impression file, instead of traditional model, will be sent directly to Invisalign for treatment planning and tray manufacturing.  This seamless process will ensure the best fit of Invisalign trays for your great comfort and successful treatment.

We are pretty sure you will be excited to enjoy the modern technology!