After Bands Cemented

After Bands Cemented

BrushToday you received your orthodontic bands. These bands are part of your appliances and a very important part of your treatment.

Be careful of the bands and their projections (tubes or hooks) when closing and while chewing. The bands may scratch your gums, cheeks or tongue, place a piece of wax over the part which is bothering you, be sure to dry the area so the wax will stay. This discomfort usually passes after a few days. If it doesn't, call and let us know.

Brush your bands after each meal and before you go to bed. If you have lunch at school or work carry the travel tooth brush with you. Brush only with water if you can not use toothpaste. If you are unable to brush make sure you rinse well with water and brush as soon as you get home. Brush in the usual manner down on the uppers and up on the lowers. If food debris remains lightly brush back and forth to remove.

The bands are custom fitted to your teeth and cemented to prevent food from getting under the bands. This helps prevent decay but it is still vital for you to carefully brush and use a fluoride rinse.

If a band becomes loose, call the office immediately and arrange to have it re-cemented. If a band comes off bring it with you to the office.

Please let us know if you have any questions concerning your bands or any other part of your orthodontic treatment.

Sore Teeth

After braces are placed in the mouth it is normal for the teeth to be sore for about 2 or 3 days. Tylenol or Advil will help relieve this discomfort. Some irritation to the cheeks and tongue is normal, but if you feel anything sharp is poking you or any sores are developing, please call our office at (617) 471-0394.